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Short Wicks? 3 Tips to Save a Scented Candle

Jan. 04, 2022

For us candle addicts, we all know the importance of trimming wicks. This tip will help us preserve our candles and extend their lifespan so we can keep them burning. If you don't know when or how to trim a wick to perfection, follow our Candle Care Guide. But for those of you who might be a little crazy, here are some ways to bring your wicks back to life. 


Your wick won't stay lit

Try lighting your candle for at least 30 minutes while carefully watching the flame for flicker. If your candle wax is not burning enough on its own, carefully blow out the liquefied wax and use a paper towel to absorb the melted wax. Be careful, as it may become a bit messy. You can also pour it onto a disposable surface or plate. Once cooled, dispose of the excess wax. 
Then, relight the candle and burn it for at least one more hour. You can watch carefully or check periodically to see when the wick seems long enough. Tunneling may occur if you blow out the candle too early, so make sure the wax has time to evaporate evenly and smooth out the top of the candle. Once the wax reaches the side of the candle container, you can blow out the flame and allow the wax to cool around the new long wick.


Short Wicks? 3 Tips to Save a Scented Candle

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Make room for your wick

A heat gun can not only make room for your wick, but it can also solve tunneling or other candle troubleshooting problems. If you have one, start carefully melting the wax around your candle wick while removing the wax by following our instructions above. 
If you don't have a heat gun, you can also use a match, candle lighter or hair dryer to soften the natural candle wax while scooping out the warm, soft wax with a spoon or butter knife. As a last resort, try placing the candle in a 300 degree oven for 10 minutes to soften the wax and allow you to scoop out any excess liquid. 

Short Wicks? 3 Tips to Save a Scented Candle

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Wicks in wax: get them out

Your wick may be buried by trimming the wick. This may seem counter-intuitive, but if your wick is too long, it will curl under the melted wax and get stuck as it dries. If your wick is stuck in the wax and not exposed, don't lose hope. Use one of the methods listed above to melt the wax around the wick using a heat gun, candle lighter, hair dryer or oven. Once enough wax has melted, you can use tweezers to pick the wick out of the liquid wax. Try to be careful as the wick can be fragile and break, especially if it is a natural cotton wick.  
After picking out the wick, straighten it and put it back in place to allow the wax to harden. If your wick does not stay straight or secure, you can grab a piece of twine to hold the wick in place while you bend it around the candle. 


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