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What Is the Candle Failure? How to Fix It?

Dec. 01, 2021

Did you use white candles or teacup candles on your table and in church during Thanksgiving the week before? Are you ready to buy a lot of candles in order to decorate for the upcoming Christmas? If you haven't decided yet, welcome to visit YUXIN, we are a professional candle manufacturer who offers you great prices and excellent service.

You should have seen many "failures" during the candle burning process. It could be a flickering flame, it could be a failure to light, it could be a strange smell. We look into the causes of these problems for you and find ways to solve them.


Burn unevenly

Causes: The wick may not be centered, the wick may be too small, your wax may be too hard (melting point too high). The candle may be in the airflow near the vent, under the fan.
You can use equipment to help center the wick, such as a wick rod or other centering tool. Try using a softer, lower melting point wax or try using a larger wick.


Rough surfaces/cracks

Candles with uneven, rough surfaces or small air bubbles, resulting in small holes, cracks and/or skipped lines. Possible causes: Candles are made by stirring too hard, candles are cooled too quickly, candles are poured at too low a temperature.
Avoid over-stirring to avoid water or moisture getting into the solids, flakes and melted wax. You can heat the glass container to 90-100° in a warm oven, then pour the melted candles slowly into the glass jar and let them cool at room temperature.


What Is the Candle Failure? How to Fix It?

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Candles have a "tunneling" effect (leaving the wax on the side of the container candle). Possible causes: Wick size is not large enough to accommodate your wax, container, fragrance, dye combination. Dark or heavily scented candles usually require a larger wick. You may need to add a size or two to the wick collection you are using. If you have a container with different widths, measure the widest and narrowest and use the average of the diameters.


Unstable or large flames

The candle flame is too high and the wick flickers and jumps continuously. Possible causes: The wick is too large for your container. The wick needs to be trimmed. Possible Solution: Always measure and test your wicks to make sure they are the right size for your container diameter and trim the wick to 1/8 to 1/4 inch properly before and after a long burn (2-3 hours).


Mushroom Shape

The wick is "mushroomed" or has carbon build up at the end of the wick. Possible causes: The wick is too large for the container, the wick is not trimmed properly, using more fragrance oil in the candle may cause "mushrooming".
Try using a smaller wick for your container, burn the candle for no more than 2-3 hours at a time, don't blow it out and trim the wick to 1/4 inch.


Wick Out

The candle wick is flooded and will not stay lit. Possible causes: Too much additive was used and the wick is too small for the container. 
You can use the right size wick for your container, always use the right amount of additives, check the literature for the minimum and maximum values allowed for your wax.

What Is the Candle Failure? How to Fix It?

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Very little or no odor

Candles burn with less odor than expected. Possible causes: Too little fragrance oil, poor quality fragrance oil, or wick or wick size problems.
Add more fragrance and use a good quality fragrance. Always use oils designed for candle making and always make sure you have the right size wick for each container you use to ensure a good melt pool and allow your candle to cure before testing the burn.


These are the common troubles of candles, and these methods are useful to buyers and suppliers. If you need more info about our candles, please contact us today and we're glad to help you, it's ok to send you a video of our factory and our products. 


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