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Do You Know Tealight Candle?

May. 20, 2021

Here is the Tealight Candle Supplier to introduce the definition and efficacy of tea wax

What is Tealight Candle

Tealight candle is a special kind of candle. It is a kind of aluminum pot pouring wax that is especially common in bars or KTVs in daily life. It can be lit. Guests in the bar will use it to decorate various patterns on their birthdays, which can create an atmosphere. . In addition, tea wax can also remove indoor formaldehyde and purify the indoor environment.

Tealight Candle

Tealight Candle

The efficacy of Tealight Candle

1.Purify the air

Purifying the air area, removing harmful gases in the air is the most important function of tea wax. People place it indoors and ignite it, which can effectively remove formaldehyde in the air, making the air cleaner and fresher, and can be used in the air. It leaves a faint fragrance in it, which can effectively improve people's home environment.

2. Remove odor

Some flavors are put into Tealight Candle during the production process, it will continuously emit a light fragrance during the burning process, and the fragrance it emits will be combined with the odor molecules in the air, which can eliminate the odor in the air and make There is a clear fragrance in the room.

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