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Does the Color of Candle Affect Its Burning Rate?

Jun. 09, 2021

Candles burn slowly because they must melt completely before the wick is engulfed in flame. However, candles of different colors, shapes, sizes and types of wax can cause them to burn faster or slower. One way to look at it is that white candles burn faster than colored ones. In the following paragraphs, White Candle Suppliers will tell us if there is any truth to this, as well as take us through the other factors that affect how fast a candle burns.

Shape, size and composition all affect how fast a candle burns. Therefore, it is natural to wonder if white candles burn faster than colored candles and if so, why? The idea behind this query is that plain wax is pure, while colored candles with dye additives slow down the burning rate.

Colored Candles

Colored Candles

Many science enthusiasts have experimented with this theory and found that the color of the candle has little to no effect on how fast the candle burns. In a few rare cases, the addition of dyes has been found to slightly increase the burning rate of candles, and this has only been found in candles that are richly colored due to the addition of too much dye. The amount of dye used in most commercially produced candles is too small to have a significant effect on burn time.


The debate between the burn time of Colored Candles and the burn time of regular candles has become a very popular topic that is presented by school children as their science project. This experiment is always based on the theory that white candles burn the fastest, but the end result proves otherwise.


For this experiment, you can use white candles that are easily available in the store. It is important that the candle you choose has a wick of the right thickness. A thick candle with a thin wick will cause the flame to be extinguished by the gathered melted wax. To ensure accurate results without any external influences, buy unscented candles of the same size and made by the same manufacturer, they should only differ in color.

Colored Candles

Colored Candles

The Process

Mark each candle exactly 1/2 inch below the wick and another 1.5 inches below it.

Burn the first candle and record the time it takes for the flame to cross these two marks.

Do the same for the other candles one by one.

Compare the times for different candle burning rates and compile your results.

To get more accurate results, perform the experiment again with a second set of candles and find the average time. You can also weigh the candles to show how much wax was consumed in a fixed amount of time.

Factors affecting the burning rate of a candle

Now that we have seen that the color of the candle does not affect its burning rate, let's look at the factors that may affect its burning rate.


This is the main reason why a candle burns faster or slower. A candle with a thicker wick will burn faster than a candle with a thinner wick. Also, the material of the wick, whether it is paper, linen or cotton, can have a big impact on the burn rate.


In general, harder wax burns longer. Therefore, you will find that beeswax candles burn faster than paraffin candles.


Additives such as wax hardeners can affect the burn time of a candle. Also, excessive amounts of added fragrance tend to make candles burn faster.


The environment is also an important factor in how fast a candle burns. Factors such as wind, humidity, and ambient temperature all affect the burning rate and must be taken into account when conducting any experiment.


Older candles tend to be drier, which causes them to burn faster. Therefore, age can also be considered as an important factor that affects the burning rate of candles.

You can also do this experiment yourself to test the above theory. Also, by making your own candles, you will have more control over the materials, the only difference being their color. With proper supervision, this experiment can be a fun project for you and your children.

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